Kittens 2014

Only deposit reserved a kitten for you.
Anytime you would like to contact me for the information of my kittens,
please introduce yourself upon sending your inquiry.

DEPOSITS are accepted to hold a kitten but

Kittens with show quality and top show quality can be sold only with contract.

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Svetlana Kutuzova.


Sire- D'Eden Lover Timoteo of Starbabies. Per


Dame- Ginoba Anjela. Exo.


Starbabies Tiffanу. female. Exo.


Starbabies Spicy. female. Exo.


Starbabies Dark Angel. female. LH exo.


GC Starbabies Moshi & Moshi . Per


Jam- Dandy Kassandra of Starbabies. Per.


Starbabies Berkut . Male. Black & White . Top Show Q. PER.


Starbabies Armani. Male. Black&White van.Top Show Q. PER.


Starbabies Nicol . Female. Calico van.Top Show Q. PER.


GC Starbabies Moshi & Moshi . Per


Starbabies Liz


Starbabies Confetti. female.Calico.


Starbabies Jaclyn. female.Calico van.


Starbabies … male. Red & White Van.Show quality .


GC Starbabies Moshi& Moshi


SummerStar Chupa Chups


Starbabies Dario.male. Black & White van. Show Q . Per.


CH D'eden Lover Timoteo of Starbabies . Per.


CH Starbabies Baccara . Per.


Starbabies Giovanni.male. Black & White van. Show Q


Starbabies Vivian. female. Delute calico . Show Q.