Only deposit reserved a kitten for you.
Anytime you would like to contact me for the information of my kittens,
please introduce yourself upon sending your inquiry

DEPOSITS are accepted to hold a kitten but

Kittens with show quality and top show quality can be sold only with contract and co-ownership.


Sire- GC Starbabies Moshi & Moshi Per.


Dame- GC RW Starbabies Assol. Per.


Starbabies Pokemon. Male. Per. B/d — 20.04.2019.

IMG 0667


I reserve the right of refusal for the sale of any kitten pictured on this web-page at anytime.

Also I reserve the right of refusal for sale of a kitten, if the information about buyer and the cattery was false and it was hidden from seller on purpose to take kitten fraudulently. In this case the fee for cheating will be 50 % from the total price of kitten including shipping. This fee wont be refundable in any case.