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The powder for eyes Moshi and Dandy - the most effective system, which is presented on modern market, which cures from the epiphora of that caused by the entry of mud and dust to the eyes and are moved away lacrimal paths under the eyes in cats and dogs.The composition of this powder, is developed in such way that it does not irritate the eye. With the aid of this powder you will be able to make for a long time free your favorite pet from the terrible dirty tears.The powder moves away the inflows from the tears under the eyes not only reliably and effectively, but it is safe because of its composition and it is tender. Powder widely is used for the exhibition animal as the means of remova lacrimal paths. It is separately recommended for the white and bright color. The Powder is developed in order to prevent lacrimal isolations and as means for dealing with the dark inflows. This powder does not contain the bleaching substances. Powder helps to hold thу place around the eyes dry and moves away lacrimal paths, because of the antibacterial composition.

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